Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer - Recommended by Top PGA, LPGA, and USGTF Instructors. Works Aim, Alignment, and Standardizing your Practice Station.
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If you're serious about lowering your scores,

you're watching your budget, and you want to train like the Pro's...

You're in the right place!


First - What is a Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Trainer?

Since 2001 The Patented Golfer's Footprint ® has helped golfers worldwide lower their scores through the fundamentals of ball control.

It is a simple-to-use hitting board that can be used wherever you practice. By learning to follow the different arrows you can standardize your setup and alignment, square your club face to the target line, and start using the power of your swing path to shape and create shots.

This is exactly what the Pro's are doing...

That is why LPGA and PGA Master Teaching Professionals call the Golfer's Footprint ®, "The Standard for Teaching the Fundamentals of Ball Control."

Players call it their "Cheat Sheet" and their "Secret Weapon!"

So, how is this going to help your game?

Let's start by looking at four things the Pro's work on:

1. Standardizing their practice station and pre-shot routines 2. Perfecting aim, alignment, and making square contact at impact. 3. Creating shots by using the fundamentals of ball control. 4. Rehearsing thier troubled shots during pre-game warm-up.

No matter what shot you are taking on the course, these four skills apply. From tee to green, your pre-shot routines, aim and alignment, square contact, and the ability to control the ball’s flight are essential to lowering your scores.

Every Pro-Golfer has these skills in their hip-pocket.

The object is to get these skills into your hip-pocket.

The Golfer’s Footprint ® makes this easy, as it provides a road map to accomplish all four skills in one, simple to use, hitting board.

Using the Golfer’s Footprint on the driving range, at home, and as a pre-game warm-up tool reinforces these skills with every swing.


Here are the Golfer’s Footprint’s ® “Four Skills for Ball Control"

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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, having a training aid that standardizes your practice station and shows you how to aim, align your club face, and swing on the proper swing path will lower your frustration as well as your scores. The patented Golfer’s Footprint ® helps you standardize your training and sets your game up for success.

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The foundation of any swing is good posture, alignment, and a dead on aim. The Golfer's Footprint ® encourages proper aim and alignment by providing a visual reference tool that standardizes your pre-shot routine and helps square your feet, body, and club-face to the target line. Just set your Golfer's Footprint® down and take the guess work out of aiming.

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The most important moment in golf is when the clubface strikes the ball. Your ball cannot get to the target if your clubface is not aimed at the target. The Golfer’s Footprint ® patented clubface reference circle gives you bold, visual references that help you make solid, square contact down and through the ball. Every time you swing, you build confidence in striking the ball squarely.

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The most powerful aspect of the Golfer's Footprint ® is its ability to teach you how to control the flight of your ball. By being able to shape your shots, you are going to lower your scores and have more fun on the course. Working the ball is easy - simply follow the colored arrows and you are on the path to a better game!

Now is the time to order a Golfer's Footprint ® and add the skills that evey

Pro-Golfer uses to your game.

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No matter what your age and skill level, a Golfer's Footprint ® is going to get you on the right path!

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