Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer #golfersfootprint Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer - The Secret weapon you carry in your bag!


The Patented Golfer's Footprint ® is your path to standardizing your setup and alignment, squaring your club face, and taking control of your ball flight.

- Turn those ugly Slices into controlled Fades -

- Fix that Hook and turn it into a Draw -

- Gain the confidence to aim and hit your target -

- Master your short game by chipping down the target line -

Take Control of Your Game Today!

Order a professinal golf training aid and get your swing plane on the right path #golfersfootprint

The Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer and hitting mat. Hit right off the surface.

Made of High-Impact Plastic – You can hit right off the board with all your clubs.

Tell me more about ball control.

- Avaiable in Right and Left Handed Models -


Order a Right Handed Golfer's Footprint Hitting MatOrder a Left Handed Golfer's Footprint Hitting Mat

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- The Golfer's Footprint ® Videos Collection -

#1 - Introduction

#2 - Standardize

#3 - Aim & Alignment

#4 - GFi in Action

Little Linkster - Orlando 2015

College of Golf Demo 2013

- 2008 US Senior Open - Sandy Lyle practicing @ 2:57 min. point in video

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2015-2016 International Kids Swing Video Contest
Best Pee-Wee Golf Swing

We are proud sponsors of the 2015-2016 International Kids Swing Video Contest hosted by Brendon Elliott, PGA - Click on the image to learn more!


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